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Will the proposal use the overflow car park serving Saltwood Care Centre and Mulberry Court?

The proposed development will not utilise this car park or be able to use this as a through road between the development and Tanner’s Hill. Is it intended that access will be retained for emergency vehicles only and restricted by bollards.

Why the change from the 84-bed original structure?

The outline planning consent granted in May 2017 has been actively marketed to potential care home providers and developers throughout the lifetime of the outline consent. However, no material interest was received on the basis that:

  • The topography of the site would not be suitable for end users as an extra care facility.
  • The achievable values in the area were not desirable to extra care providers.
  • The Alder Court site is not sustainably located on a commuter belt.

The scheme has been subsequently redesigned to provide a mix of private residential units and extra care apartments, on the basis that the residential units will assist in financing the delivery of the extra car apartments.

What boundary treatment is provided between Mulberry Court and the proposed family housing? 

Separation distances in excess of 15 metres will be provided between the nearest residential property and Mulberry Court. The private amenity of the residents of Mulberry Court will be provided by the change in topography alongside the planting of additional trees and hedgerows, where reasonable. This is subject to further consideration and a landscaping plan will be submitted as part of the detailed planning application which will provide further detail on the boundary treatment proposed.

Will the pedestrian riverside walk be open to the public?

Yes, it is intended that the riverside walk will connect with footpath HB23 which runs immediately north of the site off Tanner’s Hill. This will provide an alternative safe and scenic pedestrian route from Tanner’s Hill and Tanner’s Hill Gardens through the site to Station Road.

What number of spaces will be provided for the extra care apartments?

In terms of the extra care apartments, the current masterplan seeks to provide 22 car parking spaces (including 2 disabled spaces) as undercroft parking and a further 10 parking spaces at entry level to the front of the building.

Will you be providing traffic calming measures onto Tanner’s Hill and School Road?

This land falls outside of our ownership. However, KCC Highways will be consulted upon submission of the application.

The Plan has no explanatory key and shows no dimensions.

The imagery provided as part of this consultation website are provided as an illustrative sketch masterplan at this stage. The purpose of this public consultation website is to provide an opportunity for residents to provide their feedback and suggestions for the proposed development. This will inform the final scheme which we intend to submit in August. Upon submission of the application, local residents will also be provided with an opportunity to submit their comments to the Local Planning Authority.

Alder Court at Tanner's Hill, Saltwood